Jump!star is an extended experiment in inventing the future traditions celebrating the transition of the North Star. The project takes the form of a series of themed “Constellates” occurring over the course of two years and culminating in a weekend of live events. Each Constellate involves three components: presentations (lectures or performances) by experts in fields related that Constellate’s themes, round table discussions between presenters and participants from the community, and working together on creative actions that aim to invent the cultural traditions of the culminating live event.  Contact us if you'd like to talk about hosting a Constellate in your area.

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 Constellate 1: Sky + Stars

  • Star matter and makeup
  • Star Classification system / Annie Jump Cannon / Future Worlds
  • Stars’ role in world culture
  • The North Star as allegory
  • Axial Precession
  • Eventual Pole Stars and polar wander
  • Star Narratives
  • Cyanotype workshops
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Constellate 4: Traditional Food + Future Farms

  • History of Industrial agriculture
  • Food traditions as connection to past + future generations
  • Sharing Family Traditions
  • Climate change and its impact on landscape and growing seasons
  • Possible future foods
  • Inventing future traditional recipes

Constellate 2: Recalbrating Our Relationship with Time

  • Origins of time
  • Cultural / historical variations in thinking about time
  • Problematics of short term thinking
  • 10,000 year clock, The Long Now
  • Exercises in Extending Time
  • Jason Anthony's Ten Year Game



Constellate 5: Cross Pollinating Cultures: Music + Dance

  • Music and migration
  • Past forms / Future Sounds
  • Cosmic Karaoke 
  • Song writing sessions
  • Instrument making workshops
  • Site-specfic sound + movement 
  • Celestial Choir
  • Live performances with local musicians and performers
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Constellate 3: Sculpture + Narrative

  • Objects and stories
  • Secret Lives of objects
  • Statues and stories (mine and theirs)
  • Puppets
  • Festival / Ritual Objects
  • Nebuta Matsuri
  • Nebuta Workshops



Constellate 6: Costumes + Regalia  

  • Costumes from festivals around the world
  • Costume origins / locally sourced materials
  • The psychology of uniforms
  • Functionality of dance costumes historically   
  • Design Costume regalia
  • Fabricate costumes