How you can get involved:

There are many ways you can be a part of JUMP!STAR. Here are a few:


  • We’d love for you (and your group or class or family or friends) to be part of JUMP!STAR. We are scheduling workshops, presentations and brainstorming sessions designed to establish ways we can incorporate your group’s specific skills or interests. Do you make music? Dance? Knit? Paint? Print? Bake? Study the stars? Like the idea of inventing an intergalactic holiday? Drop us a line so we can schedule a workshop for your group!


  • We can also host a cyanotype or lantern-making workshop at your space. Let us know now if you’d like to schedule one for your group of 30 or more.


If you’re a teacher anywhere: Incorporate the themes of JUMP!STAR into your lesson plan. Contact us about coming to visit your school or program, or feel free to use one of the projects we've put together for you: 


If you’re in New York, volunteer to work with George Ferrandi at Wayfarers Studios in Brooklyn and and learn the traditional Japanese techniques associated with making the paper sculptures called Nebuta.

If you’re  a maker anywhere:

  • If you’re a maker and want to help us from afar, let us know you want to be a part of JUMP!STAR and what your skills are and we’ll figure out a way to put you to work!


Check back for detailed information or let us know you're interested in:

  • Hosting a JUMP!STAR workshop or lecture at your University
  • Attending a Sculpture workshop
  • Screenprinting with us at Wayfarers Studios in Brooklyn
  • Beach Days! Cyanotype printing on the shores of the Atlantic
  • Bringing your skills to the JUMP!STAR project


Collaborations from our Birmingham Satellite:
JUMP!STAR Images developed by Doug Baulos' illustration class at UAB

Depictions of the dynamic Coelliptic Orbits of our other satellites
Check back here often to see what's circling around JUMP!STAR